Diesel Engines

Adriadiesel d.d. presently produces diesel engines and other power plant equipment, as well as spare parts for ADRIA 40 and MAN Diesel SE fourstroke diesel engines.

Spare Parts

Adriadiesel d.d. produces spare parts for diesel engines in our production line by MAN Diesel SE licence. Adriadiesel d.d. produces spare and substitute parts for engines produced by ADRIA 40 licence since 1955.

Services and Overhauls

Adriadiesel d.d. provides maintenance and servicing of diesel engines, compressors, pumps and other power plant equipment. General overhauls, repairs and servicing can be carried out on spot or in our factory, where engines are tested on our test bed.

Adriadiesel d.d. - ex. Jugoturbina

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Adria 40 & MAN Diesel Engine Service & Repairs Worldwide: 60 years of experience

To whom it may concern:

We would like to offer the following products:

  • Medium-speed four-stroke MAN engines (500 kW – 3000 kW)
  • Large / ADRIA-40 engine (6.3 MW)
  • CPP (containerised power plants / diesel-powered generators) (500 kW)

and services:

  • spare parts for Adria 40 and MAN diesel engines
  • troubleshooting, maintenance, service and repair of Adria 40, MAN and other diesel engines and other power plants
  • diesel engine overhaul
  • machining and heat treatment services
  • full range of ship-repair services, alongside or in floating docks, in co-operation with the Service Centre Trogir of Shipyard Brodotrogir

A few words about us:

In 1949 as a part of the large industrial complex “Jugoturbina”, the company “Tvornica diesel motora” (Diesel Engine Factory) was established. We have been operating under the name of “Adriadiesel” since 1991.

Our factory has been producing engines under the “Sulzer (Switzerland) license” from 1955 until 1998, and has been producing engines under the “MAN (Germany) license” from 1998. Since the establishment of the company, during the 60 years of its existence, more than 1580 engines with more than 2,000 MW of power have been produced and delivered to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Adriadiesel brochures, company profile - you can view the materials at this link. You can view the specifications of various engines at the following link.

We would like to become your prime choice for providing the mentioned services and products because of our quality, experience and price-competitiveness.

Please send us your enquiry or request for quotation and we will send you our best prices.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Best regards,

Nenad Končar, PhD
Managing Director
Adriadiesel d.d.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Video content: construction of the ADRIA-40 engine by Adriadiesel d.d.

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Video content: construction of the ADRIA-40 engine by Adriadiesel d.d.
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  • Crankshaft for Sulzer Z40/48

    The Sulzer engine Z40/48 is renowned for its reliability and efficiency, but like any complex mechanical system, it requires regular maintenance. One of the key components that may need repair or replacement is the crankshaft. For the Z40/48 model, the crankshaft comes in two variants: complete (K 31000) and individual (K 31001). The complete crankshaft (Crankshaft, complete; Коленчатый вал, в сборе; Kurbelwelle, komplett) allows for a full replacement, which can be more efficient in the case of severe damage. The individual crankshaft (Crankshaft; Коленчатый вал; Kurbelwelle) offers the option to replace only critical parts, thereby reducing costs and repair time. Regardless of the chosen option, proper maintenance of the crankshaft is crucial for the longevity and optimal performance of the Sulzer engine Z40/48.

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  • Spare Parts for Main and Auxiliary Engines: SULZER Z 40/48

    For Sulzer Z 40/48 engines, we offer a wide range of high-quality spare parts that ensure long-lasting and reliable operation. Our parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are compatible with your engines, facilitating maintenance and repairs. Proper maintenance using original parts is crucial for reducing downtime and increasing the efficiency of your marine engines.

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  • Production at Adriadiesel d.d. Factory

    Adriadiesel d.d. produces four-stroke diesel engines, including the ADRIA 40 model. These engines feature 12 cylinders arranged in a V-shape, with a power output of 6600kW. They are used as propulsion engines in ships or as power generators in nuclear power plants. The production process includes metalworking, locksmith-welding tasks, assembly, and heat treatment, and the factory is equipped for all stages of production.

    Written on Friday, 14 June 2024 10:53 in Blog EN Read 12 times

    SULZER ASL25 is an engine that stands out for its high efficiency and low operating costs. It is primarily used in merchant ships and industrial applications. The ASL25 offers excellent performance thanks to its advanced combustion technology that reduces harmful gas emissions. Maintenance of this engine is simple, contributing to reduced downtime and increased productivity. Its design allows for long-term operation, making it a popular choice among shipowners and operators.

    Written on Thursday, 13 June 2024 13:20 in Blog EN Read 21 times
  • The piston for Sulzer ASL25/30

    The piston for Sulzer ASL25/30 engines is a crucial component that enables efficient combustion and power production. Made from high-quality materials, this piston ensures long-lasting operation and resistance to high temperatures. Proper maintenance and replacement of pistons can significantly improve engine performance and reduce harmful emissions. Using quality pistons contributes to increased efficiency and reliability of the engine.

    Written on Thursday, 13 June 2024 13:17 in Blog EN Read 19 times

    SULZER ATL25 is a reliable marine engine used in various types of vessels. This engine is known for its durability and fuel efficiency. The ATL25 is designed to allow easy maintenance and long-lasting operation without the need for frequent repairs. Its technology enables high efficiency and reliability, making it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications. Engineers often choose it for its ability to operate in harsh conditions, ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

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  • Energy Support through Adriadiesel

    Adriadiesel from Karlovac can play a crucial role in the process of rebuilding and modernizing the energy infrastructure, especially in the context of increased needs for additional energy generation. With its extensive experience in producing high-quality diesel gensets (engines and generators), Adriadiesel can provide reliable and efficient energy systems that are key to stabilizing energy supply. The company offers solutions that support the balancing of the power grid, which is particularly important when renewable energy sources are not available (no sun and no wind). Adriadiesel products can provide much-needed support through portable and permanent energy production systems, thereby contributing to the security and stability of the energy grid. In as little as 2 months, it is possible to put into operation a diesel-powered mobile power plant with a capacity of 60+ MW. Ten such plants provide 6+ GW of power, all within just 2 months and mobile. The fuel, thanks to innovative combustion using plasma from Tesla high-frequency transformers, can be diesel, heavy fuel-oil, gas, ammonia, hydrogen, etc. More information about their products and services can be found on their official website www.adriadiesel.hr.

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  • Adriadiesel: Pioneer in Nuclear Power Plant Safety with Sulzer's Legacy

    Adriadiesel, formerly known as Jugoturbina, has a rich history of collaboration with the Swiss company Sulzer. This partnership began in 1955 when Jugoturbina started producing diesel engines under Sulzer's license. The company continued to use Sulzer's technology until the late 1990s, after which it transitioned to a partnership with MAN Diesel.

    One of Adriadiesel's key projects was the delivery of diesel engines for the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Between 1979 and 1981, Adriadiesel supplied 12 ADRIA-40 engines to Chernobyl as part of a contract with the Soviet Union. These engines, with an output power of 6.3 MW, were designed to operate under harsh conditions and high radiation levels. They served as reliable power sources for the reactor cooling systems, which was crucial for the safety of the nuclear power plant.

    These engines proved to be extremely reliable and efficient, and were praised by Soviet authorities and experts for their performance and quality. Adriadiesel should have been recognized for its contribution to averting a potential nuclear disaster in the heart of Europe.

    Adriadiesel continues to play a significant role in ensuring the safety systems of nuclear power plants worldwide, providing robust and reliable diesel generators that meet the stringent technical requirements of this industry.

    For more information, you can visit the following pages:

    Adriadiesel ADRIA-40 in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

    Nuclear Power Plant Safety

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  • History of Sulzer Diesel Engines

    Sulzer is a Swiss company known for producing high-quality diesel engines since the late 19th century. Their engines have been used in ships, industrial plants, and power stations around the world. In addition to engine production, Sulzer has specialized in spare parts, ensuring the longevity and reliability of their products.

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  • Navigating Decarbonization: Adriadiesel's Role in a Sustainable Future

    In an era where decarbonization is crucial for a sustainable future, the shipping industry faces significant challenges and opportunities. In the latest DNV videocast "Market Views," Dr. Martin Stopford emphasizes the importance of transitioning to green technologies and alternative fuels such as ammonia, methanol, hydrogen, and synthetic gases. Despite skepticism about the efficiency and availability of these fuels, Dr. Stopford highlights the need for flexibility and collaboration within the industry to achieve zero emissions goals by 2050. He particularly points out the importance of digitalization and new technologies in improving the logistics chain and reducing emissions (Riviera Maritime Media)​​ (Hamburg Hafen Website)​​ (SWZ Maritime).

    Adriadiesel, as a renowned manufacturer of auxiliary marine engines, plays a crucial role in this transition by providing innovative solutions for retrofitting existing fleets to increase their efficiency and reduce emissions. Collaboration with industry leaders and investment in research and development of new technologies help Adriadiesel remain relevant and competitive in the disruptive era of decarbonization.

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  • Sulzer 16ZV40/48 roller thrust disc

    The Sulzer 16ZV40/48 engine, renowned for its robust performance in marine and industrial applications, features a critical component known as the roller thrust disc (part number K 44108). This disc plays a pivotal role in managing axial loads and ensuring smooth, efficient operation of the engine. Whether opting for repair or purchasing a brand-new roller thrust disc, maintaining the integrity and performance of the Sulzer 16ZV40/48 is paramount. Repairs can extend the life of the existing component, ensuring cost-effectiveness and sustainability, while a brand-new disc guarantees optimal functionality and reliability, essential for the demanding environments where these engines operate. Proper maintenance and timely replacement of the roller thrust disc are crucial for the continued excellence and durability of the Sulzer 16ZV40/48 engine.

    See more informations on www.adriadiesel.hr/en

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  • Sulzer ZV40/48 cylinder head

    The Sulzer ZV40/48 is a powerful and reliable engine renowned in both marine and industrial sectors for its robust performance. A critical component of this engine is the cylinder head, identified by part number K 27101. Whether you need a repair or a brand new replacement, maintaining the integrity of the cylinder head is essential for optimal engine operation. Repairing a cylinder head involves meticulous processes to restore its original condition, ensuring it meets the stringent performance standards. On the other hand, opting for a brand new cylinder head guarantees longevity and reliability, incorporating the latest advancements in engineering and materials. Both options are crucial for ensuring the Sulzer ZV40/48 continues to deliver exceptional power and efficiency.

    See more informations on www.adriadiesel.hr/en

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  • Sulzer ASL 25/30 connecting rod

    The Sulzer ASL 25 engine, renowned for its robust performance in various industrial applications, relies heavily on its meticulously engineered components, such as the Connecting Rod with Cover, Set (H 33001). This critical part is designed to withstand high stress and ensure seamless power transmission from the piston to the crankshaft, contributing to the engine's efficiency and longevity. The precision in manufacturing this connecting rod ensures optimal alignment and minimal wear, thus maintaining the engine’s reliability and reducing maintenance needs. By using high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques, the Sulzer ASL 25's connecting rod exemplifies durability and performance, making it an indispensable component in the engine’s overall functionality.

    See more informations on www.adriadiesel.hr/en

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  • Sulzer ZV40/48 springs

    The Sulzer ZV40/48 engine, renowned for its robust performance and reliability, occasionally requires maintenance or replacement of key components like springs to ensure optimal functionality. When dealing with the repair or replacement of the pressure spring (K 86055) and the spring housing (K 86051) for the relief valve, it's essential to consider both options: repairing the existing parts or sourcing brand new ones. The spring housing (Kućište opruge za sigurnosni ventil) and the pressure spring (Opruga za sigurnosni ventil) are critical for the relief valve's operation, ensuring safety and proper pressure regulation. Choosing to repair can be cost-effective and suitable for minor wear, while opting for brand new parts guarantees the highest reliability and longevity, crucial for maintaining the engine's performance in demanding conditions.

    See more informations on www.adriadiesel.hr/en

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  • Sulzer ZV40/48 valves

    The Sulzer ZV40/48 engine, known for its robust performance in marine and stationary applications, occasionally requires maintenance to sustain its efficiency and reliability. One critical aspect of maintaining this engine is the repair or replacement of its valves. For instance, the valve seat for the relief valve (K 86052) and the valve body for the relief valve (K 86053) are essential components. These parts, available in multiple languages indicating their international application, ensure the engine's safety and operational integrity. Regular inspection and timely replacement or repair of these valves are crucial to prevent potential malfunctions, thereby extending the engine's service life and maintaining its performance at optimal levels.

    See more informations on www.adriadiesel.hr/en

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  • Sulzer ZV40/48 piston rings

    The Sulzer ZV40/48 engine is renowned for its robust performance and reliability in marine and industrial applications. A critical component of this engine is the piston ring, specifically the models K 43614 and K 43615. These piston rings, designed to fit the K 43610 assembly, play a vital role in maintaining the engine's efficiency and durability. They ensure optimal sealing of the combustion chamber, reduce oil consumption, and minimize wear on the cylinder liner. These piston rings are essential for maintaining the Sulzer ZV40/48 engine's high performance and long service life, making them a trusted choice for operators worldwide.

    See more informations on www.adriadiesel.hr/en

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  • MAN ASL25/30 and Sulzer ASL25/30

    MAN ASL25/30

    The MAN ASL25/30 is a medium-speed diesel engine commonly used in marine applications. It is designed for high reliability and efficiency, typically found in various vessels. The engine model 9 ASL 25/30, for example, has a crank pin diameter of 195 mm and a bearing width of 77 mm. This engine type often requires specialized maintenance and repair services, such as in-situ crankshaft grinding, especially when damage occurs to components like the crank pin bearings.

    Sulzer ASL25/30

    The Sulzer ASL25/30 engine is similar in application and design to the MAN variant, being a medium-speed diesel engine used primarily in marine settings. These engines are known for their durability and efficiency. The 6ASL 25/30 variant is a complete engine model that is often available for sale on specialized industrial platforms. This engine is highly sought after for its robustness and reliability in harsh marine environments .

    Both the MAN and Sulzer ASL25/30 engines are integral to marine propulsion and auxiliary power generation, highlighting their importance in the shipping and maritime industries. Regular maintenance and availability of spare parts are crucial for the continuous operation of these engines, with various suppliers and repair services available globally to support these needs.

    See more informations on www.adriadiesel.hr/en

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  • Ensuring Reliability: Valve Repair and Replacement for Sulzer Z40/48 Engines

    The Sulzer Z40/48 engine is renowned for its robust performance and reliability, but like any high-performing engine, it requires regular maintenance and occasional part replacements to ensure optimal operation. One critical aspect of this maintenance involves the inlet and exhaust valves, essential for regulating the flow of gases into and out of the engine's cylinders. For those maintaining a Z40/48 engine, options include either repairing the existing valves or installing brand new ones. The complete inlet and exhaust valve set (K 27500) includes both components, while individual parts like the complete inlet valve (K 27510) and the complete exhaust valve (K 27520) are also available. These components are crucial for maintaining engine efficiency and longevity, providing reliable performance under demanding conditions. Whether opting for repair or replacement, ensuring the quality of these valves is key to the engine's continued success.

    See more informations on www.adriadiesel.hr/en

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  • Connecting rod head for Sulzer AL25

    Maintaining the Sulzer AL25 engine involves critical decisions, especially regarding the lower connecting rod head. Opting for either a repair or a brand new replacement of this component is essential for the engine's optimal performance and longevity. The lower connecting rod head, particularly the two-part version (K 33201; in Russian: Нижняя головка шатуна, из двух частей; in German: Untere Schubstangenkopf, zweiteilig), plays a vital role in maintaining the engine's integrity and smooth operation. New replacements ensure adherence to the highest standards of performance and reliability, while repairs might offer a cost-effective solution but may not always guarantee the same level of efficiency. Understanding the specifications and applications of the lower connecting rod head helps in making informed maintenance decisions, ensuring that the Sulzer AL25 engine operates efficiently and reliably.

    See more informations on www.adriadiesel.hr/en

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  • Casings for Sulzer AL25 diesel engine

    When it comes to maintaining the Sulzer AL25 engine, the decision between repairing or opting for a brand new casing is pivotal for ensuring efficient operation and longevity. This engine relies heavily on various casings, each playing a crucial role in maintaining the engine's structural integrity and functionality. For instance, the casing for the charge air baffle and air inlet housing (K 66200; in Russian: Кожух отвода воздуха и входного корпуса воздуха, в сборе; in German: Verschalung, komplett für Luft-Umlenkung und Lufteintrittsgehäuse) and the oil pump casing (K 71011; in Russian: Корпус насоса, в сборе; in German: Ölpumpengehäuse, komplett) are vital components. Similarly, the cooling water pump casing (K 73002; in Russian: Корпус насоса, в сборе; in German: Kühlwasserpumpengehäuse, komplett) and the bearing casing (K 28000; in Russian: Коробка клапанных рычагов, в сборе; in German: Lagerhaube, komplett) ensure the engine operates smoothly. Opting for new casings guarantees adherence to the highest standards of performance and reliability. Understanding the specifications and applications of each casing aids in making informed maintenance decisions, ensuring the Sulzer AL25 engine runs efficiently and effectively.

    See more informations on www.adriadiesel.hr/en

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  • Maintaining Sulzer AL25 Engines

    When it comes to maintaining the Sulzer AL25 engine, replacing rings is critical for ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The engine relies on various rings, including shaft sealing rings for toothed racks (KS 55041) and multiple sealing rings (KS 87177, KS 87178, KS 87179). Additionally, O-rings for cylinder liners (K 21404, K 21405, K 21406) and other specific components play essential roles in maintaining tight seals and preventing leaks. New replacements ensure the highest standards of performance and reliability. Understanding the specifications and applications of each ring, such as the snap ring for flange K 27026 (K 27029) and various other specialized rings, helps in making informed decisions to keep the Sulzer AL25 engine running smoothly.

    See more informations on www.adriadiesel.hr/en

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  • Greensea IQ Partners With DpeR Consulting in Israel

    Greensea IQ has appointed DpeR Consulting as its international consultancy on behalf of Israel’s Bayonet autonomous underwater vehicle (AUGV). The partnership is part of Greensea IQ’s strategy to build a global representative network. DpeR Consulting will provide sales enablement, consulting, training and support for the bayonet-mounted AUGV, aiming to revolutionize offshore operations and provide customers with unparalleled capabilities.

    Written on Wednesday, 29 May 2024 13:49 in Blog EN Read 77 times
  • OPT Concludes Ops with Multiple USVs for US Government

    Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) has successfully deployed multiple WAV-Vs in the United States. government, marking an important contractual milestone and allowing for immediate recognition of revenue. These autonomous surface vehicles provide multi-domain maritime autonomy for defense and security missions, including maritime domain awareness, asset protection and border security. OPT CEO Philipp Stratmann praised the success of the operation.

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  • Ocean Geophysics Introduces ‘Recycling’ of Free Seismic Data for Wind Farms

    Marine Geophysics develops solutions for recycling and reprocessing seismic data to help developers reduce costs and risks when deciding which wind farms to bid for. The method uses advanced software and modern processing techniques to reveal information previously hidden in shallower areas, thereby reducing the cost and risk of offshore wind development. The process integrates shallow and deep layers of data to provide a more complete interpretation of subsurface structures and sedimentary formations.

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  • Expro Acquires Drilling Tools and Wellbore Services Firm Coretrax

    US oilfield services provider Expro has acquired UK-based Coretrax, expanding its well construction and intervention solutions portfolio. The acquisition, led by Buckthorn Partners, will strengthen Expro's presence in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, North Africa, North and Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. The deal, which was completed with a total consideration of $75 million and 6.75 million Expro common shares, aims to enhance the company's capabilities and customer relationships.

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  • ISE Integrates XL UUV with Subsea Docking System

    ISE launches revolutionary subsea surveillance team integrating XL UUV and subsea docking system. This innovative system offers unprecedented range and durability, making surface treatments optional. The docking system enables seamless data transfer and charging while the AUV remains underwater, with charging rates up to 400 VDC and data transfer rates of 400 Mb/s.

    Written on Friday, 17 May 2024 12:51 in Blog EN Read 113 times
  • Longer-Endurance CTV with 'Sleep Aboard' Capability Unveiled

    NAV Engineering has launched its latest crew transfer vessel design, the HybriNav35, 35.4m long. The vessel is designed to extend endurance up to two weeks to support 24/7 on-site transfers and transit for O&M and construction sites at offshore locations. Both vessels have unique hull designs and hybrid propulsion systems.

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  • Balmoral Comtec Gets Hornsea 3 Cable Protection Job

    UK-based offshore energy supply chain Balmoral Comtec has secured a multi-million dollar contract from Ørsted to supply cable protection systems for its Hornsea 3 offshore wind project. The contract includes design engineering, supply of 400 cable protection systems and handling and installation training. Balmoral Comtec’s patented system is designed to improve the operational performance and fatigue life of underwater cables. Hornsea 3 is the world’s largest offshore wind farm and is expected to be operational by 2027.

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  • Scientists Discover Possible Hammerhead Shark Nursery in Ecuador's Galapagos

    Researchers have discovered a potential breeding ground for smooth hammerhead sharks near an island in Ecuador's Galapagos archipelago. The "nursery" will be the first breeding site for the species, which is considered "vulnerable" on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's list of threatened species. The Galapagos Islands are home to many unique species and were crucial to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

    Written on Monday, 06 May 2024 13:20 in Blog EN Read 126 times
  • Sea Turtle Hormone Levels Affected by Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill -Study

    New research reveals potential effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on hormones in sea turtles. The 2010 oil spill exposed hundreds of thousands of sea turtles to oil and killed up to 86,500 juvenile Kemp's ridley turtles, a critically endangered species. A total of 319 live sea turtles were recovered following the spill and transported to rehabilitation facilities for medical evaluation and treatment. Scientists at the New England Aquarium's Anderson-Cabot Marine Life Center have developed a test to analyze the hormone aldosterone in sea turtle blood. The results showed that when the turtles arrived for treatment, they had abnormally elevated concentrations of aldosterone, corticosterone and thyroid hormones, which can affect metabolism, electrolytes and other processes.

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  • FET to Supply Work-Class ROV to Mexican Subsea Firm

    Forum Energy Technologies (FET) has been awarded a contract by AQUA Exploracion to supply one of its Perry XLX-C work-class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). With a depth rating of 2,000 m and the compact Dynacon LARS design, this ROV will enhance seafloor exploration, inspection and intervention operations in challenging environments. It is equipped with a seven-function robotic arm for complex underwater procedures. The ROV will be refurbished and retested at FET’s UK facility before being used in AQUA Exploracion operations.

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  • KOIL Energy Lands Multi-Million-Dollar Subsea Deal

    Houston-based subsea equipment specialist Koil Energy has secured a multi-million dollar subsea safety control system contract from a major international energy company. The contract includes the design, procurement, manufacturing, installation and testing of KOIL’s technology solutions. Engineering and procurement will begin in 2024, followed by manufacturing in Houston in 2025.

    Written on Monday, 29 April 2024 14:42 in Blog EN Read 134 times
  • Bourbon Orders Exail Tech to Streamline Subsea Fleet’s Services for Offshore Energy

    UK-based Exail has been contracted by French maritime services provider Bourbon to supply Octans Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) units for integration into its fleet. Octans AHRS will increase the efficiency of Bourbon vessels in installation, maintenance and repair tasks in the oil and gas and offshore wind industries. The units will be installed on several Bourbon Evolution 800 Series multipurpose support vessels, providing measurements of roll, pitch and heave.

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  • Vallourec Wins ExxonMobil’s Whiptail Order Offshore Guyana

    France-based Vallourec has secured an order from ExxonMobil to supply line pipe for the Whiptail development offshore Guyana. This is the fourth major order within the framework of the long-term agreement signed in 2021. The Whiptail order strengthens Vallourec’s strategic supplier relationship with ExxonMobil Guyana. The project is located in the Stabroek Block, a strategic basin covering an area of ​​26,800 square kilometers off the Guyana continental shelf.

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  • Sapura Energy Hooks Subsea Services Contract from Thai Oil Major Off Malaysia

    Malaysia-based Sapura Energy has been awarded a five-year contract to provide subsea services to the Malaysian subsidiary of Thai oil company PTTEP. The contract, which is effective from February 21, 2024, includes diving support vessels, air and saturation diving systems, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and other related subsea services. Sapura's scope of work includes subsea inspection, restoration, maintenance, abandonment, intervention and decommissioning. PTTEP's investment portfolio in Malaysia includes exploration, development and production phases.

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  • Arctia to Map Offshore Wind Area in Norway

    Finnish subsidiary Arctia Meritaito has been awarded a contract by the Norwegian Mapping Agency to carry out hydrographic seabed surveys in Sørvest F, a potential offshore wind area in the North Sea. The survey will be conducted using multi-beam echo sounders and seafloor profilers as the Norwegian government aims to increase access to renewable energy.

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  • ABL Gets Neptun Deep Job for OMV Petrom in Black Sea

    OMV Petrom has appointed ABL to provide Marine Warranty Survey (MWS) services for the Neptun Deep gas field project in Romania’s Black Sea.
    • ABL's London operations will review, investigate and approve all operations related to the transportation and installation of critical project assets.
    • The scope of work includes T&I of shallow water platforms, subsea installation and 160 km of subsea pipelines.
    • The Neptun Deep project is Romania’s largest natural gas project in the Black Sea and is expected to come on stream in 2027.
    • ABL's project management will be centralized in London, with the local Black Sea business unit responsible for operations and site management.
    • ABL's global team will support the project's global supply chain, including its Indonesian operations.
    • OMV Petrom and Romgaz in June 2023 approved development plans for the Domino and Pelican South commercial gas fields in the Neptun Deep block.

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  • Prysmian Appoints New CEO

    Italian cable manufacturer and installation services provider Prysmian has appointed Massimo Battaini as its new chief executive and general manager. The appointment marks the implementation of a new organizational structure, which consists of four business units and nine geographical areas. The new structure is designed to support Prysmian’s strategic initiatives and value creation, covering key market trends related to the energy transition and digital transformation. Battaini thanked shareholders for their trust and pledged to support the company’s ambitions and challenges as a market leader.

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  • Nexans and Equinor Cement Partnership with New Agreement

    French submarine power cable manufacturer Nexans and energy company Equinor have signed a four-year emergency and preparedness contract covering about 3,000 kilometers of cables. The agreement includes turnkey repair services for various cable systems, with Equinor managing the contract on behalf of pipeline repair and subsea intervention pool members. Nergisen will provide expertise in performing complex repairs and maintaining subsea cable systems.

    Written on Monday, 22 April 2024 13:12 in Blog EN Read 108 times
  • Miros Cloud Home App Gets Weather Forecast Layers

    Global ocean insights specialist Miros has integrated a weather forecast layer into its maritime division’s Miros Cloud Home solution. The new version of the solution uses Windy’s weather forecast conditions along with instant wave, current and weather measurements to give maritime professionals a comprehensive view of current and future weather conditions. The platform offers 17 interactive map layers that allow users to visualize factors such as wind, waves and ocean currents, and access short- or long-term forecasts of future conditions up to 10 days. This integration enables maritime professionals to make informed decisions, optimize maritime activities, improve safety and increase project efficiency.

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