Diesel Engines

Adriadiesel d.d. presently produces diesel engines and other power plant equipment, as well as spare parts for ADRIA 40 and MAN Diesel SE fourstroke diesel engines.

Spare Parts

Adriadiesel d.d. produces spare parts for diesel engines in our production line by MAN Diesel SE licence. Adriadiesel d.d. produces spare and substitute parts for engines produced by ADRIA 40 licence since 1955.

Services and Overhauls

Adriadiesel d.d. provides maintenance and servicing of diesel engines, compressors, pumps and other power plant equipment. General overhauls, repairs and servicing can be carried out on spot or in our factory, where engines are tested on our test bed.

Adriadiesel d.d. - ex. Jugoturbina

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Adria 40 & MAN Diesel Engine Service & Repairs Worldwide: 60 years of experience

To whom it may concern:

We would like to offer the following products:

  • Medium-speed four-stroke MAN engines (500 kW – 3000 kW)
  • Large / ADRIA-40 engine (6.3 MW)
  • CPP (containerised power plants / diesel-powered generators) (500 kW)

and services:

  • spare parts for Adria 40 and MAN diesel engines
  • troubleshooting, maintenance, service and repair of Adria 40, MAN and other diesel engines and other power plants
  • diesel engine overhaul
  • machining and heat treatment services
  • full range of ship-repair services, alongside or in floating docks, in co-operation with the Service Centre Trogir of Shipyard Brodotrogir

A few words about us:

In 1949 as a part of the large industrial complex “Jugoturbina”, the company “Tvornica diesel motora” (Diesel Engine Factory) was established. We have been operating under the name of “Adriadiesel” since 1991.

Our factory has been producing engines under the “Sulzer (Switzerland) license” from 1955 until 1998, and has been producing engines under the “MAN (Germany) license” from 1998. Since the establishment of the company, during the 60 years of its existence, more than 1580 engines with more than 2,000 MW of power have been produced and delivered to more than 50 countries worldwide.

We would like to become your prime choice for providing the mentioned services and products because of our quality, experience and price-competitiveness.

Please send us your enquiry or request for quotation and we will send you our best prices.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Best regards,

Nenad Končar, PhD
Managing Director
Adriadiesel d.d.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Video content: construction of the ADRIA-40 engine by Adriadiesel d.d.

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Video content: construction of the ADRIA-40 engine by Adriadiesel d.d.
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    Europe's electricity grid is becoming a major bottleneck in absorbing Europe's rapidly expanding renewable energy, the electricity lobby says. The grid is designed to handle capacity in excess of demand, creating a slack space in the system that allows for the growth of clean energy production. This has resulted in a slew of renewable energy projects waiting to be connected to the grid, with Spain and Italy each having more than 150 GW of wind and solar capacity waiting to be connected to the grid. The European Commission is drawing up plans to push for more grid investment, while companies are restructuring networks to send power in different directions.

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    A study by the University of Oxford and the Regulatory Assistance Program found that heat pumps are several times more efficient than oil, gas or electric heating. The study, published in the journal Joule, found that heat pumps operate two to three times more efficiently than combustion heating or resistive heating technologies. Heat pumps harness nature's energy and take advantage of temperature differences, with the coefficient of performance (COP) being the main indicator of efficiency. The study also found that even air source heat pumps are suitable for sub-freezing temperatures, making them twice as efficient as electric heating systems.

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    Vibrant Energy has signed a power purchase agreement with e-commerce giant Amazon for a 198 MW wind farm project in Maharashtra. The scheme is expected to generate 6,97,261 MWh of electricity annually and offset 4,94,137 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually and is expected to be operational by early 2025. Vibrant Energy is supporting Indian businesses to achieve net-zero carbon electricity.

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  • Solar mini-grids offer clean-power hope to rural Africa

    A year ago, a solar mini-grid in the Nigerian village of Sabangida provided nearly uninterrupted power to half of the community’s homes and businesses. This has led to the growth of clean energy mini-grids, with rural Africa set to benefit the most. The World Bank and the International Energy Agency consider solar minigrids a viable way to provide fossil-free electricity to rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa. However, scaling up solar in Africa faces challenges such as securing investors, inflationary pressures, better state financing and clear policies.

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  • The four battles to follow during COP28

    The COP28 climate talks in Dubai focus on four key topics: reducing emissions, eliminating fossil fuels and delivering a just energy transition for developing countries. The Paris Agreement, which aims to limit average global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius, is no longer enough. Countries must negotiate a phase-out of fossil fuels, which account for 80% of global energy consumption. COP28 must conduct the first global stocktake of the Paris Agreement and determine necessary measures.

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  • Women leaders of energy transition are no myth but reality

    The Serbian Women in Sustainable Energy conference discussed the role of women in the energy transition and the importance of gender equality. A survey conducted by the Center for Sustainable Development in partnership with the German International Cooperation Agency GIZ shows that women are active participants in the energy transition but need financial and institutional support to participate. The meeting also emphasized the need to pass a low-carbon development strategy and a climate change law. Gender equality is a key value of the German Development Cooperation.

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    Polls show that Romania’s solar boom is not slowing down, with the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) predicting that the number of prosumers will reach 100,000 by the end of 2023. About 24.11% of Romanians plan to install solar panels within the next three to five years, with cost reduction and energy independence being the main reasons. Only 16% of respondents mentioned government subsidies, and 40% considered an investment of €3,000 to €4,000 to be sufficient to become a prosumer. Romania is providing massive subsidies, which Prime Minister Nicola-Ionel Ciuca estimates will be enough to benefit up to 80,000 beneficiaries.

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  • Romania’s Transgaz to take over stake in LNG terminal project in Greece

    The EU is working to replace Russian gas with liquefied natural gas (LNG), with Greece aiming to become a regional hub. Romania and other Southeast European countries are also interested in participating in this process. Romania's state-owned transmission system operator SNTGN Transgaz has agreed to acquire a 15% stake in Mediterranean gas company Argo's project, which aims to process 4.6 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas per year. Transgaz recently took over the Moldovan national gas transmission system.

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  • We have already tied up with electrolyser suppliers for our planned 1,000 MW green hydrogen plants

    Mohit Bhargava, CEO of NTPC Renewable Energy, believes that green hydrogen mixing can boost green hydrogen production in India. He believes more opportunities will emerge if the PNGRB approves the technical aspects of blending in existing pipelines. The company has signed MoUs with Kolkata Port and Tuticorin for green hydrogen and ammonia hubs. NTPC-REL is also working on a green hydrogen flow pilot project and a green methanol pilot project in Ladakh to produce green hydrogen and carbon dioxide from smokestacks.

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  • Stick to solar content norms or face action: MNRE to solar sector

    The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued directives requiring strict compliance with Domestic Content Requirement (DCR) guidelines for solar photovoltaic power projects under MNRE schemes/schemes. The directive comes amid concerns about possible abuse of the policy, misdeclaration and import of solar cells in DCR projects. Violations may result in criminal cases, blacklisting, confiscation of bank guarantees and disciplinary action against the officials involved. MNRE encourages domestic manufacturing and urges all stakeholders to adhere to the policy.

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  • Inox Wind arm to divest 100 pc stake in Gujarat-based wind farm

    Inox Green Energy Services will divest 100% stake in Nani Virani Wind Energy Private Ltd, a 50 MW operating wind farm in Gujarat. The transaction will be completed subject to regulatory and banking approvals, including board and shareholder approvals. The move will strengthen Inox Wind's financial strength and improve profitability as the company aims to become net debt-free.

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  • Renewable energy's growth faces power stability challenges

    A new intelligence briefing from PreScouter highlights the challenges of global renewable energy adoption that could lead to increased carbon emissions. Renewable energy sources account for 10-20% of electricity in major economies, but there are signs of inconsistency, affecting power quality. The report suggests that existing infrastructure may not be able to support a rapid transition to renewable energy, so modern and efficient storage strategies are needed.

    Written on Wednesday, 04 October 2023 13:11 in Blog EN Read 257 times
  • Renewable energy developers pinning hopes on land cost optimisation to cut costs

    Renewable energy industry developers say land costs are critical to reducing the cost of solar projects in India. Optimizing land costs involves finding the right balance between location, quality and price. The "2023 National Power Plan" points out that land is the most important resource for solar power plants, and higher-capacity solar modules can reduce land requirements. However, challenges such as land supply, legal issues and land transfers remain. Developers must carefully evaluate land-related factors, work with local authorities, and consider strategies to minimize expenditure while ensuring project efficiency and regulatory compliance.

    Written on Monday, 02 October 2023 14:01 in Blog EN Read 265 times
  • Net zero goal still alive, says IEA - but the world still faces major obstacles to reach it

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) found that rates of solar panel installation and electric vehicle purchases are consistent with the pace necessary to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The IEA also stressed that by 2030, fossil fuel demand must fall by 25%, energy efficiency of homes and vehicles must double, and methane emissions from the oil and gas industry must fall by 75%. However, despite the rapid increase in renewable energy, fossil fuels remain an important source of energy, especially in Asia.

    Written on Thursday, 28 September 2023 13:36 in Blog EN Read 271 times
  • Gautam Solar to expand annual module manufacturing capacity to 2 GW by 2024

    Gautam Solar plans to double its annual solar module production capacity to 2 GW by the end of 2024, investing around Rs 150 crore in the process. The expansion will be used to produce high-efficiency solar modules certified to ALMM and BIS standards for domestic and foreign markets, aiming to reduce India's import dependence.

    Written on Wednesday, 27 September 2023 13:21 in Blog EN Read 302 times
  • US says to complete offshore wind auctions on schedule next year

    The Biden administration plans to complete its ambitious offshore wind leasing program next year, despite preparation delays and sluggish industry demand. The administration aims to install 30 gigawatts of offshore wind power by the end of the century to help decarbonize the U.S. power industry. The Interior Department has held auctions in four areas of the United States, including New York and New Jersey, the Carolinas, California and the Gulf of Mexico. The remaining three regions will take place in 2024. If the government fails to complete these auctions by the end of the third quarter of 2024, it could face additional hurdles, as federal law requires offshore wind lease auctions to take place within 12 months of the auction closing. Recent Oil & Gas Lease Sales.

    Written on Tuesday, 26 September 2023 13:29 in Blog EN Read 288 times
  • France's Macron to unveil latest plan for meeting climate-related commitments in the coming years

    French President Emmanuel Macron will unveil a seven-year plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fulfill climate-related commitments. The country aims to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030, in line with EU targets. Macron announced that the country's two remaining coal-fired power plants will cease operations by 2027 and be converted to biomass energy. France relies on nuclear energy for more than 60% of its electricity.

    Written on Tuesday, 26 September 2023 13:28 in Blog EN Read 273 times
  • Minnesota approves giant solar energy project near Minneapolis

    Minnesota officials approved expansion plans for the Xcel Energy Sherco Solar project that will become one of the largest in the nation. The expansion will add a 250-MW array to the 460-MW array, with all phases expected to be completed by 2025. The project, with a total capacity of 710 MW, will power more than 150,000 homes annually. Xcel plans to close its three coal-fired power plants in Becker in 2030.

    Written on Sunday, 24 September 2023 13:35 in Blog EN Read 305 times
  • Suzlon Group secures 29.4 MW wind capacity order from BrightNight

    Suzlon Group has bagged a new order for 29.4 MW of BrightNight wind installation capacity in Maharashtra as part of its 100 MW wind-solar hybrid project in Osmanabad. The scheme is expected to be implemented in phases and will reduce CO2 emissions by 250,000 tonnes per year. Suzlon will execute the project, including supply, installation, commissioning and post-commissioning operations and maintenance services. The electricity generated will be targeted at commercial and industrial customer segments.

    Written on Sunday, 24 September 2023 13:32 in Blog EN Read 300 times
  • Sterlite Power acquires Beawar Transmission to develop power project in Rajasthan

    Sterlite Power has acquired Beawar Transmission Ltd to undertake power transmission projects in Rajasthan. The special purpose vehicle (SPV) was awarded to Sterlite Power through a tariff-based competitive tender in August. The company will build the green energy corridor project on a build, own, operate and transfer (BOOT) basis for a period of 35 years. This is Sterlite Power’s 19th transmission project in India and manages projects worth Rs 12,000 crore.

    Written on Sunday, 24 September 2023 13:30 in Blog EN Read 260 times
  • Abatement technologies can't be used to justify fossil fuel expansion, says group of countries

    Seventeen countries, including France, Chile and Kenya, stressed the need for systemic transformation in all economic sectors, driven by a "global phase-out of fossil fuels". They acknowledge that emissions-reducing technologies play a minimal role in decarbonizing the energy system and cannot be used to justify the expansion of fossil fuels. Leaders stressed the importance of restoring and protecting carbon sinks in fighting climate change and called for ambitious global targets on renewable energy and energy efficiency. They urged the mobilization of trillions of dollars in funding for climate action and the implementation of reforms to the financial system to address the multiple crises facing the world. Leaders also called for the Global Stocktake (GST) as a turning point and highlighted the importance of closing ambition and implementation gaps on all aspects of climate action during this critical decade and beyond.

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  • Adriadiesel d.d. - services we offer

    Adriadiesel d.d. is the successor of the former diesel engine factory Jugoturbina and continues the tradition of producing diesel engines, spare parts and other equipment. We offer machining services for parts made of alloy and steel materials - standard up to a weight of 25t, exceptionally up to max. 70t, the service of heat treatment of annealing positions of large dimensions can be carried out in our large annealing furnace (6.5 m length / 3.5 m width / 2.5 height), we can offer heat treatment services of positions: hardening, improvement, cementation, nitriding , annealing as well as welding services by MAG, MIG, TIG, REL procedures performed by certified welders.

    Contactsservices, image gallery.

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  • Low routine maintenance schedule (MAN)

    'When it comes to low routine maintenance schedule, MAN L28/32 offers a great advantage with 20,000 hours between overhauls when operated on HFO. A low level of deformation and a low level of mechanical stresses (i.e. low wear-rates) are achieved through its sturdy engine structure and amply dimensioned running gear.'

    Written on Wednesday, 13 September 2023 14:19 in Blog EN Read 288 times