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Global ocean insights specialist Miros has integrated a weather forecast layer into its maritime division’s Miros Cloud Home solution. The new version of the solution uses Windy’s weather forecast conditions along with instant wave, current and weather measurements to give maritime professionals a comprehensive view of current and future weather conditions. The platform offers 17 interactive map layers that allow users to visualize factors such as wind, waves and ocean currents, and access short- or long-term forecasts of future conditions up to 10 days. This integration enables maritime professionals to make informed decisions, optimize maritime activities, improve safety and increase project efficiency.

Monday, 15 April 2024 15:07

FarSounder Receives 8th Patent

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FarSounder has been issued its eighth U.S. patent, Patent No. 11,609,316, for its unique sonar system and 3D processing. The system includes a forward-looking sonar device that integrates with other sonar devices to provide boaters with a reliable navigation tool. Electronics process data from down- and side-scan sonar to create a broad display on board.

Marine robotics software company Greensea IQ has partnered with BUVI Scandinavia to expand its international sales team. This follows the recent signing of Spanish sales representative Uniformidad Y Suminstros De Proteccion (USP). The new business relationship will represent Greensea IQ and its Bayonet autonomous underwater vehicle (AUGV). Founded in 2011, BUVI Scandinavia provides consulting, training and support for subsea solutions and technologies. USP has 40 years of experience specializing in providing superior solutions for police and military needs.

Venterra Group is expanding its marine hard-bottom benthic and hard-structure offerings with support from marine science consultancy INSPIRE Environmental and seafloor imaging company Marine Imaging Technologies. The expanded service aims to monitor marine growth on introduced hard surfaces and native hard bottoms to assess the impacts of offshore wind project developments. It will also support nature-based scour and cable protection designs, climate adaptation projects and the collection of high-resolution 3D videos for science education and communication.

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